About Divine Technology

Divine Technology, a division of the Divine Group of Companies based in Faridabad, was started by Mr. Raj Kumar Pabreja with the prime objective of providing the Food Industry with hi-tech machines manufactured by us – machines for precision food processing with different applications and solutions. These machines, manufactured by Divine Technology in India have also found a ready market overseas, much to the foreign client's satisfaction.

It will be interesting to note that the aforementioned machines, besides playing an important role in the manufacture of food items, have also ready applications in the following Industries :-

The manufacturing processes involved are Blending, Emulsifying, Homogenizing, Hydrating, Dissolving, Powder/liquid mixing, Deagglomerating, Reclamation, Particle size reduction, Agitation and refining of Edible oils.

In order to understand the common applicability of the machines in the different industries aforementioned, the machines manufactured by Divine Technology are as follows:-

All these machines have varied and specialized operations are extremely energy efficient.